Helsinki Chemicals Forum – worth joining in

Why should you join the Helsinki Chemicals Forum conference scheduled on Thursday 23 and Friday 24 May 2019? This conference has a well-established format and provides a unique inside in selected topics of high relevance for the regulatory environment that affects chemicals and metals world-wide.


Each year five topics are selected by a Programme Committee that represents regulators, industry and NGO community across the globe and moderated by respectively the European Commission, the OECD, UNEP, chemical media and industry. Each panel has four to five speakers representing different regulatory authorities and stakeholders making an opening presentation. The moderators have prepared the subsequent debate intensively with the speakers based on key questions and are taking also feedback from the audience before concluding.

There are also keynote speeches from Bjorn Hansen, ECHA’s Executive Director and Daniel Calleja and an opening speech from the deputy mayor. Jukka Malm from ECHA draws up each day his findings and Chemical Watch will afterwards prepare a comprehensive conference report helping you to remind what were the different key contributions and conclusions of each of the five panels. Wanting to know the five topics and speaker list browse the HCF programme on www.

Should you still hesitate, be aware that the conference offers plenty of networking opportunities with speakers and participants coming from all over the world, including a dinner in the brand new City Library, contains an on-site visit to the most modern waste water treatment plant of Helsinki and, on Saturday, an excursion to the recycling facility of Fortum and the historic lake city Hämeenlinna.

Geert Dancet blogikuva

Finally, note that this conference is compared to commercial conferences affordable thanks to the generous sponsoring by the City of Helsinki and three Finnish ministries. It can be combined with the ECHA conference the Wednesday before and the SETAC annual conference starting on Sunday, which has an attractive entry price for HCF participants wishing to stay until the Monday in order to follow discussion on plenty of topics of regulatory importance.


Geert Dancet | Secretary General
Helsinki Chemicals Forum