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RECAP 2020: Asian Helsinki Chemicals Forum




Asian Forum under CRAC-HCF 2020 Virtual Forum, with Global Audience of 9,000


The year 2020 was no doubt a year of global change and challenges. Priorities were reshuffled, and global events, such as the case of our annual in-person Forum in Helsinki, Finland had to be postponed or offered virtually to a community facing a global pandemic.

In 2020 HCF decided to postpone its 2020 European edition until 2021 – with its upcoming 2021 HCF Forum April 27 as a full live stream covering five priority topics in the field of chemical safety.

While the European Forum did not take place in 2020, HCF still reached new virtual heights. Following a new partnership with REACH24H, a prominent regulatory consulting group with HQ in China and offices and business representatives across East Asia, EU and the Americas, the two organizations launched the first CRAC-HCF Joint Forum 2020. The 4-week virtual event was held free-of-charge from November 16 to December 10, 2020 to accredited professionals from around the globe.


The 2nd HCF Asian Forum, an adapted version of the original HCF Forum agenda for 2020 yet with a stronger presence of expert-based opinions from top Asian voices in the field, took place over the first week (Nov 16-18, 2020). The panels given priority for the Asian forum were Sound Management of Chemicals and Waste Beyond 2020, moderated by UNEP, Safer Substitution, by OECD, and Transparency & Risk Communication, led by ECHA.

The CRAC-HCF Joint Forum 2020 enjoyed over 9,000 registrations, 70+ topics and 60+ speakers from all across Asia-Pacific to the U.S and EU. It was thus an enormous successful event receiving very positive feedback from participants and speakers. Registration has been kept open after the event, so to those interested in catching a preview of the 2021 HCF Forum can register and enjoy all its video recordings and slides:

In addition, the 2020 HCF Asian Forum Conclusion Report is available and is an appetizer for the upcoming 2021 European virtual forum given that 3 of the 5 panel topics will be repeated as the moderating institutions felt the topics are still a priority and justify further debate.  REACH24H produced the excellent report and we at HCF thank them for their efforts. It can be accessed through the image below:



The CRAC Conference (Chemical Regulatory Annual Conference, a high-level event held each year in East Asia) focused on chemical safety, global pesticides, environmental, FCM and cosmetic regulatory updates.

To access the 2021 Programme and register for the 2021 European HCF Forum – a Virtual Experience – go here.

To learn more about the 2020 Joint Forum, visit the official website at:

or visit our partner’s site: