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Helsinki Chemicals Forum Blog

Forthcoming ICCM5 panel

Monika MacDevette from UNEP explains 5th session of the International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM5), what was achieved in 2020 and why 2021 is Make‑or‑Break Year.

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Transparency and risk communication – essential ingredients of successful chemical management

Transparency and risk communication are essential ingredients of any successful chemicals management system. They are not optional add-ons once everything else is ready but to be effective they should be integrated into the chemicals management systems at the design phase.

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Spotlight on textiles

Addressing chemicals of concern is an ongoing journey for all sectors. Few, however, have had as much experience in dealing with this as the textiles industry.

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The increasing awareness of the need for safer and sustainable substitution

Ms. Eeva Leinala, Principal Administrator, chemical safety and biosafety, OECD, will tell us how we can truly face the increasing need for safer & more sustainable substitution.

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The highlight of HCF 2021: the new EU chemicals strategy

This year’s opening keynote by Virginijus Sinkevičius, the EU Commissioner for Environment will focus on the EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability. He will also join the high-level debate on the ambition of this strategy with the bosses of the two most active stakeholder organisations on chemicals, Cefic and EEB. Why is this topic key in 2021?

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