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Money Talks – Leveraging Economic Approaches for Chemicals Management

To complement regulatory actions there are opportunities to influence chemicals management through economic approaches that incentivise or disincentivise particular behaviours. Financial implications can move the private sector to shift to more proactive and sustainable chemical management solutions; however, they have had more limited use in a highly regulated domain.

Join the Helsinki Chemicals Forum panel on ‘Increasing the Use of Economic Instruments for Chemicals Management’ moderated by Eeva Leinala from the OECD. The experts on the multi-stakeholder panel will highlight initiatives in financial taxonomy, investment, taxes, fees and draw from experience from other environmental domains regarding the application of market-based instruments. Understanding the socioeconomic value of chemicals management also rationalises the need for investment by society and goverments in strong chemicals management programmes.

By joining the Helsinki Chemicals Forum you will hear Rafael Cayuela, Corporate Chief Economist, Sonja Haider, Senior Business and Investors Advisor, ChemSec, Daniel Slunge, Director Centre for Future chemical Risk Assessment and Management, University of Gothenburg and Peter Korytar, European Commission, DG ENV, Sustainable Chemicals Unit provide their perspectives on this topic.

The OECD publication Economic instruments to incentivise substitution of chemicals of concern – a review highlights some of these approaches.


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